Berkeley Lab

Wednesday, 9/9/15

We decided to try to see at least one volleyball game, so we decided on Australia versus Italy, which was taking place early in the afternoon, about 3 minutes walk from our hotel. We noticed that it seemed like all the teams participating in the world cup were staying at the same hotel as us, since everywhere we looked, there were tall guys wearing their countries t shirts. We first went to the Peace Memorial Museum, where we learned about the nuclear bomb and its effects. The picture with the big red ball below shows where the bomb exploded, and the flat space that can be seen is everything that was crushed by the blast and burned in the fire. As you can see, some concrete buildings were left standing. On our way back we stopped by the atomic bomb dome again, and checked to see if the radiation was a little higher very close to it. The measurement we got was 0.15±0.02uSv/h, so about 1.3mSv per year, so nothing to worry about. Since it was raining, the measurement could have been skewed. Also, the dosimeter we used isn’t sensitive enough to detect specific radiation.                   IMG_8700           IMG_8698


We then walked to the arena where the volleyball world cup was taking place, and watched the Australia versus Italy game. On our way there, we noticed what seemed to be a bike garage, which was really cool because the only other place we had seen a bike-parking garage was in the Netherlands. Italy won 3-0, but there were many close rallies, and the entire game was very interesting to watch, since I’ve never seen a men’s volleyball game before.

IMG_8710          IMG_8713          IMG_8717


We then went back to our hotel to get our bags, and then got on the shinkansen back to Tokyo. Again, we had to stop and change trains at Shin-Osaka, due to the Japan rail pass not covering the train that goes straight to Tokyo. We checked into our hotel, and watched the rest of the USA vs Japan game on TV. This game was really close in the beginning, but USA won pretty clearly at the end. We then went to have dinner at Gonpachi, the same place we went to when we were in Tokyo last week, since it was so good. We sat at the counter right in front of where the sushi is made, and the sushi chef was extremely friendly, and recommended different kinds of sushi to us. Afterwards, he gave us his business card, and introduced us to some of the other staff.