Berkeley Lab

Navrit Bal


Undergraduate Student
School of Physical Science (SPS)
University of Kent Canterbury, U.K.


DoseNet Engineer
Applied Nuclear Physics, Nuclear Science Division, LBNL


Exchange Student 2014-2015
Department of Physics and Nuclear Engineering
University of California, Berkeley

Navrit Bal was an undergraduate student researcher on the DoseNet project (2015) within the RadWatch group at the University of California, Berkeley and LBNL. The DoseNet project is a network of custom-made dosimeter devices, primarily remotely installed in schools in the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond. He was part of the original senior design project (NE170) along with the transition to the full time developer position at LBNL in Summer 2015 (with Joseph Curtis, Victor Negut, Ali Hanks & Ryan Pavlovsky). As the primary developer, the majority of the project software came under his responsibility, including the website (, all of the backend server software services and the mobile apps.

DoseNet is creating a social network of background radiation measurements centred around UC Berkeley, LBNL, and Bay Area high schools with an aim to expand internationally. It has the potential to increase the number of sensors, this might include spectroscopic measurements, CO2, UV, light and air quality.