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IRC Director Kai Vetter Receives the ANS Presidential Citation

ANS kai-vetter

June 8, 2015

The Institute for Resilient Communities Director Prof. Kai Vetter was awarded a Presidential Citation at the American Nuclear Society (ANS) annual meeting in San Antonio, TX.  Professor Vetter received this award for “his exceptional commitment and dedication to advancing nuclear science and technology, and outreach to the community to analyze and explain the impact of nuclear on the environment. His role in both RadWatch and KelpWatch, monitoring North America’s west coast for potential impacts from the accident at Fukushima, are exemplary efforts to advance public awareness and understanding. Dr. Vetter’s initiative in establishing and promoting the Institute for Resilient Communities to use science and technology to understand and minimize the impact associated with sudden or long-term changes induced by human actions or nature further exemplifies his commitment to advance the use of nuclear science and technology for the benefit of humanity.”

The Presidential Citation awardees are chosen by the ANS President to reward exceptional contributions that benefit the nuclear community.  The current ANS President is Dr. Michaele (Mikey) Brady Raap.  Please see the ANS website for more information about the society and annual meeting.