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IRC Director, Kai Vetter, interviewed on DoseNet Project for UC Science Today

IRC Director, Kai Vetter, was recently interviewed on the DoseNet Project for UC Science Today, a radio series produced by the University of California and distributed on CBS Radio News and iTunes. The description of the feature is available below:

There are still many misconceptions about radiation. While radioactivity exists naturally in the background of our daily lives, it’s also a topic of fear since it’s linked to nuclear disasters like Fukushima and Chernobyl. But nuclear physicist Kai Vetter and his team at the University of California, Berkeley are trying to change that.

“We have established what we call the Berkeley DoseNet program, aiming at providing simple radiation sensors to communities and to high schools, to enable the broader public to learn about the world we’re living in. Because what they measure is naturally occurring radioactivity, and can use that to apply science and engineering concepts.”

Currently, DoseNet is a network of high schools across Northern California.

“We’re also reaching out to other places across the world, because what we envision is to establish a global sensor network.”

For those curious to learn more, these radiation measurements are now available online at

Listen to Getting a Dose of Clarification about Radiation.

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