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Fukushima Renewable Energy Institute Opens: Alivisatos, Vetter Represent Berkeley Lab

Lab Director Paul Alivisatos and the Nuclear Science Division’s Kai Vetter recently returned from Koriyama City in the Fukushima Prefecture in Japan where they attended the opening of the Fukushima Renewable Energy Institute. This new laboratory will be part of a network of national laboratories operated by the Institute for Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST). The decision to place the new institute in Koriyama reflects the desire to stimulate economic growth in the Fukushima area, which is still suffering from the effects of the 2011 earthquake. Alivisatos, Vetter and their Japanese counterparts discussed issues ranging from renewable energy to radiological resilience. They met with leadership of AIST as well as with scientists from other parts of Asia, Australia, and Europe. Following these discussions, a new and expanded MOU with AIST is being formulated focusing on geothermal and highly integrated renewable energy generation.

Source: Today at Berkeley Lab