Berkeley Lab

Friday, 9/11/15

We checked out of our hotel relatively early, and then drove back down to Chiba, with our luggage. There, Dr. Reiko Kanda picked us up again, and we drove to the Chiba Super Science High School. We had a short meeting with the principal and vice principals, and then went to listen in on a couple classes. First we were shown some art rooms, and one that stood out was the one where the students learned traditional Japanese calligraphy. It was carved into a piece wood, and then painted over. We then went to a geology class, which I found cool because geology isn’t taught in American high schools. We then went to visit a class that was a mixture of home economics and chemistry. They incorporated the chemistry of different things into the home ec class, which I found very interesting and efficient. They were learning how to make nylon, and the chemistry teacher was explaining the different amino acids and processes, which is what I had just learned this past year in high school. They then started the lab, and we watched them figure out the instructions and then make nylon. I was actually surprised at how similar the classes were to in the USA. The students were all in uniforms, but the classes were always loud with students talking to each other and having fun.

IMG_8790                          IMG_8803

After the high school, we went to have lunch in an Indian restaurant, which was delicious. Even though our plane was delayed due to the typhoon the day before, we still went to the airport, and sat in the lounge until it was time to board. As expected, on the plane the radiation levels were as high as they were on the plane to Japan, because we were closer to the cosmic radiation.