Berkeley Lab

Thursday, 9/3/15

Thursday morning we were taken to Fukushima University, to meet the president, vice president, multiple professors, and the director of the Institute for Environmental Radioactivity. At the meeting we talked about the Symposium, as well as several other topics. We were then taken to the Institute, to receive several presentations, and be taken on a tour. Dr. Kenji Nanba gave a brief overview of the Institute, and what it focuses on. Then Professor Hinton gave a presentation on how they study the radiobiological effects of the accident on the wild animals who live near the power plant.

Professor Zheleznyak gave a presentation on the Transport of radiation in the watershed. He also gave an interesting presentation on the “Assessment of the risks of the Cancer induced by Radiation in Ukraine after Chernobyl accident and in Fukushima City.” Professor Zheleznyak was a researcher in Ukraine even before the Chernobyl accident, and has kept track of the rate of cancer in the Chernobyl area. He has discovered that the rate of cancer is actually higher in other regions of the Ukraine than in the Chernobyl region. After the presentations, we were given a tour of the facility, and shown state of the art equipment that is worked with.


We then had lunch in the University cafeteria, which looked very similar to cafeterias in the USA. We then drove to the Fukushima Prefectural Government Offices, to speak with several directors there, including the director of the Risk Management Department and the director of the Prefectural Center for Environmental Creation Development Unit. We were then driven to Fukushima Station to get on the Shinkansen for Tokyo. We were given peaches earlier, since Fukushima Prefecture is known for its peaches, and we ate them in the station and on the train. In Tokyo we checked into our hotel, which was very close to the Station, and then went for dinner at a Sushi place that was recommended to us, Gonpachi. This place was especially interesting, as the entrance was deep inside a sort of “cave,” in the middle of Tokyo. It was like a small street with multiple restaurants lining the sides. The restaurant itself was relatively small, but the food was delicious, some of the best sushi we’ve had.

IMG_8209                          IMG_8219