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Campus Group Hosts Talk on Japan Accident and Nuclear’s Future

The Berkeley Energy Resource Center, located on campus, is hosting a talk on the events at Japan’s Fukushima nuclear power plants and the future of nuclear energy tomorrow (March 30) at 6 p.m. in Cheit Hall’s Wells Fargo Room (Haas School of Business). The event features Ph.D. students from the UC Berkeley’s Nuclear Engineering Department, […]

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High-Energy Physics Experiments in Japan Weather the Crises

During an earthquake, tsunami, or nuclear meltdown, the safest place to be is in a mine. So says Stuart Freedman, Berkeley Lab spokesperson for the KamLAND neutrino experiment, whose 1879 glass photomultiplier tubes emerged from the earthquake unscathed. Both KamLAND and the Super-Kamiokande experiment are ensconced 3,300 feet underground. This is to protect both American-Japanese […]

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Japan Disaster: Information on Radiation Safety, Charitable Contributions

Lab staff who have questions or concerns regarding the Japan nuclear situation can visit a California Department of Health website that lists FAQs on radiation exposure, or the Environmental Protection Agency website. Also, employees who wish to donate funds to assist victims of the earthquake and tsunami can visit this UC Berkeley website, which lists […]

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